Arctic P533 Racing Test - Gaming Headset

by 13. February 2016
Especially as a gamer, you often need a headset that not only sounds good, but also accurately transmits tonal subtleties. The voice quality also plays a decisive role, which is why the spoken word should be clearly transmitted to the other players. Whether the Arctic P533 Gaming Headset fulfills these requirements and how it works out, you will learn in this review.



Arctic P533 Gaming Headset (Racer)


Wearing Style: Circum-Aural (over-ear)
Driver: 40mm neodymium
Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms or 32 ohms
Sensitivity:> 95 dB / mW
Microphone: 100Hz-10kHz (TBC)
Cable 1.2m + extension 2m (Y-cable)

What's in the box

1x P533 Headset
1x hard shell case
1x Y-cable
1x Operating Instructions

First impression of the Arctic P533

The Arctic P533 Gaming Headset was delivered (Link to the manufacturer) in one of the target group appropriate cardboard box, which provides already insights to the scope of supply, but also to the technical data. Unpacked you will find a rubberized hard case case, which is finally the P533 headset, a user manual (English) and a Y-cable with headphone and microphone port. The case is designed to save space and offers sufficient protection. A really great addition for those who want to take the headphones on LAN parties or friends.


The headset itself has a typical racer design. The earcups are similar to those of a hearing protector, but the artificial leather ear cushions are much softer. Inside, the ear cushions are additionally padded with a thin fabric cover. The comfort is really very good and could convince me personally. Even after prolonged wearing my ears did not hurt. Nothing pushes or sits unpleasantly. The ear-enclosing shape also isolates external sounds quite well.

The P533 is also adjustable in size via side-mounted metal rails. The headband is also made of imitation leather and is softly padded.

Cable Management

The cable management of the Arctic P533 is interesting. The cables going to the earcups and to the microphone unit are very well routed, so they did not bother me during the longer gaming sessions. The cables are also freely movable in the individual eyelets, whereby no voltage is created at the cable ends and a frequent cable break is avoided. The built-in audio cable is only 1.2m long, but with the Y-cable, the length can be extended by 2m. One should also use the Y-cable, as this separates the audio signal and the microphone signal and only by using this cable the microphone can be used.


The microphone itself is made of plastic and can be tilted via a bracket located on the right auricle. On the left auricle is also a wheel, with which you can change the volume. After the first use of this cog stuck with my P533, but I could hear inside a slight rustle. Only after I pulled on the wheel, I could suppress the rustling noise. Here, the manufacturer might be able to repair something, where you can solve the problem itself quickly.

Sound and voice quality

sound quality

According to the product description, the P533 uses Arctic headset two 40mm neodymium drivers, You can tell by the weight of the headset, because neodymium drivers can be produced more compact. I like the sound personally. I can easily hear subtleties from Counter-Strike. Of course, the setting in the audio manager also plays a role here, but with this headphone I did not have to correct much. Only for listening to music I use an additional equalizer. Even without this headset is good sounding. The promised one Bass is also there, but it is not too noticeable. That the bass area is pushed into the foreground, I could not find the P533 Headset.

voice quality

The voice quality is consistently good and clear, About Teamspeak, of course, my voice was transmitted and nothing seemed distorted. Noise or background noise could not be determined by my interlocutors.

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Final Words


Clear sound
Very good voice quality
Great design
Long lasting wearing comfort


Volume control rustles
Mediocre workmanship

First impression
everyday practicality

The Arctic P533 headset completely convinced me as a gamer. The headset is great for games, but also generally for listening to music, for example. The quality of workmanship is good, only the volume control on the ear had problems for me, which I was able to quickly eliminate myself. The comfort is very good. Even after longer sessions, the headphones did not get uncomfortable. There are no pressing areas and the upholstery also feels comfortable.

The package included everything you need for an immediate start. Although the actual headphone cable with 1.2m is a bit short, the enclosed Y-cable extends the length but with additional 2m. All in all a really good headset, not only for gamers, which lives up to its price.

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