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Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard


Apple's new MacBook killer: the new iPad Pro

What's slumbering under the hood?

Apple has given its A12 chip even more power to make the iPad even faster. In particular, the creation of 3D models and 4K videos should go even faster. The graphics processor with 8 cores in the new A12Z Bionic, together with the Neural Engine, should make the apps even faster and more powerful.

The battery life of the iPad is specified by Apple itself as up to 10 hours and should therefore last the whole day.

The display has not changed from the predecessor. The Liquide Retina Display is sold with 11 ″ and 12,9 ″. The LCD display also supports the P3 color space. Furthermore, the display has a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which means extremely smooth scrolling and high responsiveness.

In addition, the display has the well-known True Tone technology. The display adapts the color value to the ambient light so that a more natural appearance should be presented.

There are now 5 microphones in the housing, which were installed around the iPad. These should enable clean audio recordings. The sound is played through the 4 speakers, which automatically adjust the orientation depending on how the iPad is held.

Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

The cameras

Apple is installing a double camera in its new Pro model for the first time. Many assumptions were made in the direction of the triple camera, but this was not fulfilled. But a new technology has found its way into the device. But more on that later.

The camera system has a 12 MP wide-angle camera that can record 4K videos. In addition, a 10 MP ultra-wide-angle camera with 2x optical zoom was installed.

Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

The LiDAR scanner

The new technology that Apple has installed is the new LiDAR scanner. The scanner measures the distance to objects in the user's vicinity of up to 5 meters. The interaction of the new LiDAR scanner, the cameras and the motion sensors, as well as the A12Z Bionic, should enable a new AR experience on the iPad.

Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Another highlight is Apple's new keyboard for the iPad Pro. The Magic Keyboard connects magnetically to Apple's Smart Connector, which is located on the back of the iPad. The self-supporting hinge allows a viewing angle of up to 130 degrees. The keyboard's scissor mechanism has a stroke of 1 mm. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with a backlight and a trackpad.

The Magic Keyboard has USB-C pass-through charging. This allows the iPad to be charged without blocking the connection. This then remains free for accessories such as hard drives or displays.

The iPad's trackpad has a gesture control, which should make the iPad quick and easy to use. Navigating with the trackpad should be even easier with the new software update 13.4.

Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Prices and storage

The iPad Pro also wants to be paid for. The tablet comes on the market in silver and space gray. Storage capacities range from 128 GB to 256 GB and 512 GB up to 1 TB.

The 11 ″ iPad with WiFi and 128 GB starts at € 879. If you want to have the cellular module, € 1.099 is due. The big brother starts with 128 GB and Wi-Fi at € 1.049. If you want to have Internet access while you are on the move, you will be asked to pay € 1.249 at the checkout. If you want the absolute top equipment with 1 TB storage, 12,9 ″ display and cellular, you can put a proud € 1.819 on the counter.

The Smart Keyboard Folio (not the Magic Keyboard!) For the new iPad 11 ″ costs 199 €. For the 12,9 ″ model, Apple would like to have € 219.

The price of the Magic Keyboard with trackpad is significantly higher. The 11 ″ model costs 339 € for the Magic Keyboard. You can pay an impressive 12 € for the 399 ″ iPad.

In contrast, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil is still comparatively cheap at € 135.


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