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Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo Hero

Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo and Photon Mono M7 Pro: New 3D printers will be released in May

Anycubic has announced two new 3D printers coming to market in May: the Kobra 3 Combo FDM printer and the Photon Mono M7 Pro resin printer. Both devices come with exciting functions.

Kobra 3 Combo: Multi-material printing made easy

Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo Features Overview

The highlight of the Kobra 3 Combo is undoubtedly the ability to print with up to four colors at the same time. This is ensured by the new expansion “Anycubic Color Engine Pro” (ACE Pro), which can hold up to eight filament rolls.

Until now, multi-material printing has primarily been the domain of premium manufacturers such as Bambu Lab. With the Kobra 3 Combo, Anycubic now wants to make this technology accessible to price-conscious users.

Particularly practical: The ACE Pro dries the filaments during printing to avoid problems caused by moisture. It also automatically recognizes Anycubic filaments via RFID and adjusts the print settings accordingly. This saves time and reduces errors.

Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo Pantone Colors

Anycubic has also worked exclusively with color specialist Pantone to offer Pantone-certified filament colors for the first time. This should make particularly vibrant and color-fast prints possible. However, these special filaments probably also have their price. Every user has to decide for themselves whether the color brilliance is worth the extra cost.

The Kobra 3 itself scores with a high printing speed of up to 600 mm/s in single-color printing and a build volume of 250 x 250 x 260 mm. This enables larger prints than its predecessor Kobra 2, but remains more compact than the maximum model Kobra 2 Max. Intelligent functions such as an acceleration sensor and an anti-tangle system should also ensure high print quality.

Photon Mono M7 Pro: Speed ​​and precision in resin printing

Anycubic Photon M7 Pro Hero

In addition to the FDM printer Kobra 3 Combo, Anycubic has also introduced a new resin printer with the Photon Mono M7 Pro.

The device prints at up to 170 mm/h with a layer thickness of 0,1 mm. This is made possible by a high-precision optical system with a resolution of 13312 x 5120 pixels on the 10,1-inch 14K display.

A temperature-controlled tray that automatically brings the resin to the ideal temperature, as well as intelligent pressure monitoring, also ensure optimal printing results.

The automatic resin refill is also practical, preventing it from running dry during printing. The construction volume of the Photon Mono M7 Pro is 223 x 126 x 260 mm. This means it offers enough space even for larger projects.

Anycubic attracts early orderers with special discounts and bonuses:

  •  Photon Mono M7 Pro: From April 22nd to May 6th you can secure the early bird price for a deposit of 30 euros. From May 7th to 9th, the printer will only cost 469 euros with the code AC30OFF. There are also gifts worth 99 euros such as high-speed resin and a limited mystery box.

To the Mono M7 Pro

  •  Kobra 3 Combo: From May 7th to 30th, the early bird price of 469 euros applies with the code AC30OFF. There are also gifts worth 189 euros, including Pantone PLA, an exclusive camera and a limited mystery box.

To the Kobra 3 Combo

Source: Anycubic

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