Amazfit T-Rex Review - Outdoor Smartwatch for athletes

by 26. October 2020
Huami can also do “outdoor” and has brought the Amazfit T-Rex to the market. The T-Rex is aimed at all sports enthusiasts who need a somewhat more robust smartwatch. Our test reveals whether the smartwatch is a genuine outdoor candidate.



Amazfit t-rex


Display: AMOLED
Display diagonal: 1.3 inches
Display resolution: 360 x 360 pixels
Screen Protector: Gorilla Glass 3

Processor and memory
CPU: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
Internal storage: Unknown
Memory extension: no

Optical PPG bio-tracking sensor
3-axis accelerometer
Geomagnetic sensor
Ambient light sensor

Bluetooth: 5.0 BLE
WiFi: no

OS: Android / iOS
Battery: 390 mAh

Waterproof: up to 5 ATM
Size: 47.7 47.7 x x 13.5 mm
Weight: 58g (with bracelet)

Test: Amazfit T-Rex

Update 26. October 2020

The Amazfit t-rex is currently available for 109 Euros im Amazon lightning offer. Simply click on the deal box "Activate Deal" click to be forwarded to the offer. You can find more offers at the end of the article in Price Comparison.

Amazon lightning offer - Amazfit T-Rex for 109 €

With this Amazon offer you can buy the smartwatch at a reduced price for only 109 €.
109€ 139€

Many smartwatches, especially in the sports sector, are designed to withstand at least water. The Amazfit T-Rex goes one step further and appears as particularly robust smartwatch in appearance.

After MIL-STD-810 The T-Rex as a whole has a standard that defines test conditions for military equipment 12 endurance tests passed. According to Huami, the smartwatch is Temperature-resistant from -40 ° C to 70 ° C, 240 hours moisture resistant and offers one 96 hours of corrosion protection.

Design, workmanship and delivery

Watch case in outdoor design

Huami is unmistakably based on a striking one "Rugged design", with which the Casio G-Shock watch series achieved a cult status that continues to this day. The massive Polymer watch case embodies the special durability of the Amazfit T-Rex.

The Total thickness of the circular housing is 13.5mm, at a diameter of 47.7mm. In contrast to the robust look, the smartwatch is with one Weight of 58g (including bracelet) comparatively easy. Even during strenuous activities, whether at work or in leisure, the T-Rex remains comfortably portable.

The bezel sits like a protective hood on the 1.3 inch touch display. Four Metal screws, which connect the bezel and the rest of the watch case, contribute to the extravagant look.

The top of the smartwatch.

Four function keys

In addition to the touch display, the smartwatch has a total of four on the side function keys operable. The functions are "Up" and "Down" Scroll, "Select" as well as "Back". The labeled bezel shows which function each button has.

The additional operating option is definitely an advantage. Especially in outdoor use, where you may be wearing gloves and have no access to the touch display, the smartwatch can still be operated.

The smartwatch from the side.

5 ATM water protection

The Amazfit T-Rex withstands a pressure of 5 ATM. That corresponds to the pressure of one Water column of 50 meters. What sounds like a lot at first, is only sufficient for the general classification Showering and washing hands. You can definitely expect more from an outdoor smartwatch!

Swimming According to Huami it is also possible, there are at least two swimming programs, but caution is advised here. Only from 10 ATM are watches suitable for swimming without hesitation. Diving and snorkeling, but also salt water and steam baths should definitely be avoided with the T-Rex!

The bottom of the smartwatch.

Robust silicone wristband

Huami has been a pleasant soft and robust silicone wristband decided. The watch strap is adjustable in 19 steps, measures 19.5 cm in length and is 26 mm wide. A pin buckle holds the smartwatch securely on the wrist.

It is possible to change the watch strap. However, there was no quick change system, which is why you have to use a screwdriver. The bracelet is held by band screws. The bridge width is identical to various Casio G-SHOCK models. In the test, we were able to exchange the bracelet for a Casio G-STEEL GST-W310 bracelet.

Processing quality and scope of delivery

The build quality is good. The scope of delivery does not differ from other Amazfit smartwatches and includes the charger and a multilingual quick guide in addition to the smartwatch. The watch is available in the colors "olive green", "metal gray", "stone black", "camouflage color" and "khaki".

The scope of delivery with the Amazfit T-Rex, the charging cable and the quick guide.


Round AMOLED display

The round 1.3-inch diagonal display and higher 360 x 360 pixel resolution is of the type AMOLED. The main features of this type of display are intense, literally bright colors and a strong contrast with deep black values.

At the same time, AMOLED displays are considered economical in energy consumption. The display type does not require a backlight, because each pixel is controlled individually via an active matrix. Pixels that are not required simply remain switched off and therefore do not consume any energy.

The Amazfit T-Rex on the wrist with a view of the display.

Display in everyday life

The AMOLED display of the Amazfit T-Rex convinces in everyday life. The display is sharp and the maximum display brightness is sufficient to be able to read the display well even in sunshine. A automatic brightness adjustment is available and continuously adjusts the display brightness to the ambient light. The Touchscreen reacts quickly and precisely to inputs.

It is practical Always-on function, thanks to the economical AMOLED panel. The display remains constantly on and shows an energy-saving version of the dial.

Gorilla Glass 3 screen protector

The display is protected by hardened Gorilla Glass 3 by Corning. The display glass is considered to be particularly scratch-resistant and unbreakable. A special one Anti-fingerprint coating makes fingerprints virtually invisible and ensures a pleasant glide on the display glass.

The Amazfit T-Rex on the wrist with a view of the watch strap.

Functions of the Amazfit T-Rex

In addition to a robust design, a number of useful ones are expected from an outdoor smartwatch Outdoor functions. Unfortunately, the T-Rex is a little weak in this regard. GPS + GLONASS and a compass are available, sensors such as a barometer, an altimeter or the ability to navigate with the smartwatch are missing.

Except for the design, the T-Rex does not differ from other Amazfit smartwatches. Here too comes the proprietary Amazfit OS used, which is functionally linked to Huami's specifications.


The User Interface is not one of the most responsive, but is clearly structured and easy to use. From the homescreen you can swipe up in the quick settings. With a swipe down you get an overview of the current number of steps, the distance covered, the calories burned and the heart rate. Vertical scrolling is also possible with the two physical control buttons "Up" and "Down".

The user interface of the Amazfit T-Rex.

The user interface of the Amazfit T-Rex.

To access the app selection, you have to swipe horizontally to the right. A swipe to the left and you get to the notification overview. Unfortunately, there is no physical function key for horizontal scrolling, which is why the T-Rex cannot be fully operated using the side function keys.


As a user, there is no way to install new apps or to subsequently expand the range of functions. The following apps are already on the smartwatch:

  • Status: Overview of steps, distance covered, calories burned and sitting behavior.
  • Heart rate: Heart rate measurement and graphical representation of the measurements spread over the day.
  • Training: Choice of 13 sports programs.
  • Activities: Overview of the measured activities.
  • Weather: Current weather report (temperature, wind, humidity and UVI) with weather forecast.
  • Music: Control the music playback of the smartphone.
  • Alarm (Alarm clock), Memory of events, timer, Time control, Phone search, Compass, Settings

The order in which the apps are arranged can be individually set using the Amazfit app.

The Amazfit T-Rex apps.

The Amazfit T-Rex apps.

sports programs

The Amazfit T-Rex is essentially a sports smartwatch. They show that overall 13 sports programsthat are designed for different sports. The following sports programs are available:

  • Running outdoors
  • Walk
  • Cycling outdoors
  • Pool swimming
  • Open water swimming
  • treadmill
  • Spinning
  • Cross trainer
  • Training
  • Climbing
  • Cross-country
  • skiing
  • Outdoor trekking

Triathlon has already been announced as another sports program and will soon be added via OTA update.

The sports programs of the Amazfit T-Rex.

The sports programs of the Amazfit T-Rex.

Each sports program is specially tailored to the respective sport. For outdoor activities, for example, the GPS can be switched on, while swimming, the length of the lane can be determined beforehand. In order to keep a better eye on your own fitness, individual training objectives be determined. Real time charts provide information on sporting progress.

Some of the 13 sports programs offer one automatic pause function. Huami implemented the feature well. Even if the activity is interrupted only for a short time, the sports program pauses.

GPS and outdoor

The Amazfit T-Rex is capable of determining the exact position GPS and GLONASS to communicate. It takes between 20 and 45 seconds for the location to be determined. The accuracy of the location determination is precise down to a few meters and remains constant even when moving. A test run in the forest showed no serious deviations from a GPS handheld device.

Unfortunately, there is no export and import option for GPX or TCX files. It is not possible to navigate with the T-Rex!

Activity tracking with the Amazfit T-Rex.

Activity tracking with the Amazfit T-Rex.

Heart Rate Monitor

There is a on the bottom of the smartwatch PPG bio-tracking sensorwhich measures the heart rate. In the case of the T-Rex, green light is shone on the skin. The measurement process determines how much light is backscattered depending on the blood flow.

The procedure is considered to be reasonably accurate, although numerous factors can affect the measurement result. The T-Rex returned realistic values ​​in the test. Compared to a chest belt, the deviation was +/- 4 beats.

With an active sports program, the watch continuously measures the heart rate. A 24 hour heart rate monitoring is also adjustable. The detection frequency (1, 5, 10 and 30 minutes) and a warning value can be set in the Amazfit app. The smartwatch does not offer an ECG function. Blood oxygen measurement (SpO2) is also not supported.

Sleep monitor, music control and others

If you want to wear the T-Rex in bed, you have access to one sleep monitor. This records the sleep and wake-up time and monitors the various sleep phases. For this test, the T-Rex was allowed to stay on the wrist for one night. Otherwise, the watch is quite uncomfortable to wear when sleeping. The sleep monitor provides plausible records. In the event of a deviation, the sleep and wake-up times can be corrected using the Amazfit app.

The Music app the T-Rex is not a music player, but makes it possible to control the music playback of the connected smartphone or tablet. So the current song title is displayed, the volume is adjustable, the music playback can be paused and resumed and tracks can be switched back and forth.

Compass - music control - alarm clock - timer - time control

Compass - music control - alarm clock - timer - time control


Notifications received on the connected smartphone or tablet can be forwarded directly to the T-Rex. For example, go one WhatsApp message on the smartphone, you can easily read them using the smartwatch. There is no answer, however.

WhatsApp message on the Amazfit T-Rex.

This is what it looks like when a WhatsApp message arrives on the Amazfit T-Rex.

About incoming Calls you will also be notified. These can be rejected or muted via the clock. It is not possible to make phone calls directly via the T-Rex. Which notifications are forwarded to the smartwatch can be set via the Amazfit app.

Amazfit app

The Amazfit T-Rex is an app-linked smartwatch. All Amazfit products are sold via the Amazfit app (Android and iOS) managed. At the same time, the app is used to evaluate the tracked data. The collected fitness data are sent via Bluetooth transferred to the app and are available there in prepared statistics.

If you don't like the app, you have the option of synchronizing all data with the Mi Fit app or on Google Fit or Strava to send.

Watch Faces

There are more than 30 watch faces to choose from in the Amazfit app, which can be transferred to the T-Rex at the push of a button. In addition, you can also install your own watchface creations on the smartwatch. There are numerous watchface communities on the net, on which finished watch faces are available for download.

Install your own watch faces on the Amazfit T-Rex?

  1. First create a watch face in .BIN format or download a finished watch face.
  2. Synchronize an existing watch face via the Amazfit app.
  3. Open the file path Android \ data \ \ files \ watch_skin_local on your smartphone.
  4. Now you have to copy the file name of the file stored there and replace your .BIN watchface with this file name.

After a new synchronization, your new watchface is on the smartwatch.


Huami was able to get a lush one in the expansive housing of the T-Rex 390 mAh battery accommodate. The manufacturer himself specifies the term with at least 20 days.

The value is quite realistic. In the test, we got one with just one battery charge Duration of 16 days reached. The smartwatch was used intensively every day. The following settings / functions were active:

  • Automatic display brightness without always-on display
  • 70 notifications received per day
  • Evening synchronization of the data
  • 3 hours of GPS
  • 7 hours of indoor sports tracking
  • 24 hour heart rate measurement (every 30 minutes)

Im standby the T-Rex is particularly economical. Overnight, the battery consumption is only 1-2%. According to Huami, up to 66 days of standby are possible. The GPS is again the biggest power eater of this watch. One hour of GPS uses approximately 6% battery. The Always on function increases the battery consumption to approx. 16% per day.

The Amazfit T-Rex is loaded via USB. The charging cable with 2-pin charging connector holds magnetically on the back of the watch. After just 30 minutes, the battery is charged by more than half. A full charge takes approximately 75 minutes.

Price Comparison

Would you like to know where to buy the Amazfit T-Rex? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

Price history

Current prices

Notebook cheaper
1-5 working days
1-5 working days
1-5 working days
1-5 working days

Price too high? Use our price alarm clock!

Prices last updated on: 27. October 2020 06: 41

Final Words


Robust design
Sharp AMOLED display
Extensive sports functions
Exact positioning (GPS + GLONASS)
Very good battery life
Fast loading time


Few outdoor functions
Only 5 ATM water protection
Not completely controllable via function keys
Minor performance drops

First impression
User Interface
GPS & sensors

Due to its massive appearance, the Amazfit T-Rex shows at least externally as an outdoor smartwatch. Functionally, however, it is far from it. This is already noticeable in water protection, which only withstands up to 5 ATM. You can definitely expect more from an outdoor smartwatch designed to defy all weather and extreme situations.

The T-Rex is functionally comparable to the previously released Amazfit Smartwatches. The main focus is on the extensive sports functions. The most common sports are covered with more than 13 sports programs. The very well functioning GPS makes the smartwatch at least a little bit the perfect outdoor companion.

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Great test, thanks for that. I have one more question. Have you been able to pair the watch with a chest strap?


Thanks, that's a shame. If the heart rate monitor is reasonably accurate, that's not an issue either. I am a mechatronics engineer and am looking for a smartwatch that can withstand a bump and that I can wear while doing sports. I mainly train in the studio and go running once a week.


Hello, thanks from me for the extensive test report. I am also considering getting my watch to track my sessions in the gym. Is there a separate mode for general fitness? LG Philipp

New Year's Eve

Do you have to use the smartwatch with the smartphone app or does it work without a smartphone?

New Year's Eve

Great, I wanted to know. My only concern is to record the sport because I don't want to carry a smartphone with me when I run.