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Amazfit Helio Ring: Smart wearable for the finger released

At the beginning of the year, I was able to take a first look at the new Amazfit Helio Ring in Paris. Now, just in time for summer, the smart wearable for your finger is also available here.

Lightweight, robust and waterproof

The casing of the Helio Ring is made of a skin-friendly titanium alloy. Weighing just 4 grams and 2,6 millimeters thick, Zepp promises a super light and comfortable feel, even at night when you sleep. Thanks to 10 ATM water resistance, you can even keep the ring on while swimming.

However, the ring is currently only available in two sizes. So smaller or larger fingers are out of luck for now. Five more sizes are due to follow soon.

Innovative sensors for precise measurements

The ring contains modern sensors. The optical BioTracker™ PPG heart rate sensor with dual LED measures your pulse. There is also a temperature sensor, an EDA sensor for stress measurement, and acceleration and gyro sensors for motion detection.

Amazfit Helio ring on finger with hand on saddle

Thanks to the tight fit on the finger, the measurements are said to be significantly more precise than with a smartwatch or fitness bracelet. The EDA sensor for measuring electrodermal activity, i.e. the conductivity of the skin, is particularly exciting. No other smart ring currently offers this.

Comprehensive health and fitness data

The Helio Ring tracks a variety of health parameters such as heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), breathing quality and body temperature. Of particular interest to athletes are the determination of maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), stress level and recovery time after training.

According to Amazfit, the battery life is around 4 days. That's okay, but significantly shorter than competitors like Oura or Circular, which easily last 5-7 days. There's definitely room for improvement here.

Seamless integration with Amazfit smartwatches

The Helio Ring reaches its full potential when used with an Amazfit smartwatch. All data from the watch and ring are collected in the Zepp app. This gives you complete 24/7 monitoring, including analysis and personalized recommendations for regeneration.

A daily "Readiness Score" shows how well you are physically and mentally recovered. There are also detailed sleep evaluations with information on sleep duration, quality, deep sleep phases and nighttime heart rate variability.

Amazfit Helio ring on a man’s finger during exercise

The Helio Ring is also not spared from additional subscription offers. You have to pay extra for additional functions such as an AI sleep coach or fitness trainer. Even if most of the basic functions remain free, this somewhat tarnishes the positive overall impression.

Assessment: Serious competition for Oura & Co.

With the Helio Ring, Amazfit confidently enters the smart ring market and offers an interesting alternative to models such as the Oura Ring or the Circular Ring. The titanium construction appears to be high-quality and robust.

The sensors are extensive and the connection to the Zepp platform is a real added value. With a price of 299,99 euros, the Helio Ring (to the product page) is not a bargain, but it is on par with the competition. If you already own an Amazfit Smartwatch, you can even save 150 euros by purchasing it in a bundle.

Despite minor weaknesses in size selection, battery life and app experience, the Amazfit Helio Ring is a promising newcomer and serious competition for the established market leaders. With a few improvements, it can certainly improve even further in the future. I am excited to see how the ring performs in practice and will definitely keep an eye on it.

Source: Zepp / Amazfit

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