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Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot in the third generation

Alexa is now responding to TV advertising

After a commercial, the television viewer should be easily encouraged to buy directly via Alexa. The so-called branded utters are already being tested in the USA. This gives selected companies the opportunity to integrate Alexa voice commands into their commercials. So far, only Fire TV apps and IMDB TV have reacted to this.

In the future, potential customers should be able to order the advertised product directly after the commercial. This leaves the buyer with particularly little time to perhaps change his mind.

Only big brands benefit

Branded Utterances are a new opportunity for advertisers to create particularly creative use cases. The disadvantages compared to classic advertising are obvious. On the one hand, a functional Alexa skill must first be programmed. Even the largest companies are not yet prepared for this.

There is also an advertising budget of $ 750.000. Nothing goes under the budget, because that's Amazon's minimum requirement. In order for the high costs for the advertisers to pay off, Amazon will provide extensive analysis data. Before branded utterances can start in Germany, some data protection issues will probably have to be clarified.

For a campaign in this format to be worthwhile, it must either be particularly long-term or target large public events, such as the Super Bowl. Amazon promises that companies will create better brand awareness. If months of campaigns start constantly without Alexa, this could also be a nerve test for customers. Or you can switch off the sound of the TV advertising. How effective such advertising will be in the end is more than questionable.

Source: Business Insider US

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