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by Timo22. July 2018
California-based electric skateboard maker ACTON has been in the business for a while, which makes it all the more surprising that a new ACTON e-skateboard has just appeared on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform "Youpin". More dazau in the following post.

ACTON (Changzhou) Smart Technology Co., Ltd.


ACTON Electric Skateboard X1


Type: electric skateboard
Material: maple + aluminum
Load capacity: 100 kg

Roll diameter: mm 83
Roller hardness: 78A

Engine: hub motor
Power: 500 Watt
Speed: max. 22 km / h
Gradients: to 15%

Battery type: lithium-ion
Battery: 10 Samsung 18650 (36V - 80Wh)
Charging time: 90 minutes
Distance: ~ 12 km
BMS: Yes

Light: 4 LED strip
Size: 70 x 20 x 13.5 cm
Weight: 5 kg

ACTON electric skateboard

Important NOTE

Youpin is a Chinese sales and crowdfunding platform from the house Xiaomi, Mistakenly, many of the products published there are advertised on the Web with the Xiaomi addition. That too ACTON skateboard is under the name of many shops and even technology portals "Xiaomi ACTON" appeared. Actually ACTON is an independent company with locations in California (USA) and China. The e-skateboard, marketed in China under the name ACTON X1, is only being intermediately financed and distributed on Youpin!

Here you can buy the Xiaomi ACTON.

Durable deck

Before we turn to the electric drive, we first look at the deck. With a Deck length of 70 cm and one Weight from just once 5 kg, the ACTON electric skateboard is comparatively compact. The deck is off Canadian maple Made (7 layers) and with a aluminum alloy ("Aircraft aluminum") reinforced. The top of the deck is stylish Griptape Provided. A green arrow indicates the direction of travel.

Driving with the ACTON board

On the bottom of the deck is not only the battery pack, but also one LED underbody lighting, This optically makes a lot and ensures more driving safety in the dark. Overall 4 LED strips illuminate the sides, the front and the rear. With the ACTON App, the lighting can be switched on and off as desired. The maximum load capacity the skateboard is included 100 kg.

LED lighting of the ACTON skateboard

Electric drive, battery pack and water protection

The ACTON skateboard is powered by a rear "Hoist motor" axis, It is a Combination of rollers with hub motor, The power of the rear wheel drive is 500 Watt. The maximal Geschwindigkeit gives ACTON 22 km / h at. Comparatively little considering that many e-skateboards / longboards travel up to 40 km / h. However, the ACTON Skateboard is also much more compact. slopes master the electric skateboard to 15%.

Hub motor electric drive

The one under the deck battery Pack sits down 10 Samsung 18650 Li-ion Batteries (36V - 80Wh) together. One battery charge is enough for one Range of about 12 km. Charge can the skateboard in just 90 Minutes, On Battery Management System (BMS) protects the accumulator from overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating.

battery Pack

How the board splashproof is not apparent from the specifications of the manufacturer. At least the previously published Models Blink S and Blink S2 Although splash-proof, it will still not recommended the board in heavy rain my next destination.

Operation and App

The control is done with the help of a handy Remote Control, Control lever forwards and the skateboard pushes the throttle, control lever backwards to brake. Whether energy is recovered during braking (Recuperation), is not apparent from the manufacturer's information. The ACTON Blink S and S2, marketed in the US and visually similar, have the ability to recuperate.

ACTON remote control

What should not be missing on a smart skateboard is an app control. The ACTON app provides information about the battery level and the remaining range, as well as the travel time and the distance traveled. If you are looking for a challenge, you can connect with other users and compete against them in challenges.


First impression

The one published on Youpin Electric Skateboard by ACTON (not Xiaomi ACTON) presents itself as a very interesting means of transportation. That in China under the model name ACTON X1 traded board surprised at first glance by a compact design and a very appealing design. However, how it will work in practice will have to be shown. For a detailed test we have already ordered a test copy. Currently, the board is still in presale. With a delivery is expected only from mid-August.

Incidentally, interested buyers should note that the ACTON e-skateboard as well as the previously tested by us Xiaomi M365 Scooter in Germany not street legal owns and may not be operated in public transport! However, you can drive the board on StVO-free terrain, especially on private grounds.

Price Comparison

You want to buy the ACTON Electric Skateboard? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

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