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by Timo1. July 2019
The 360 S6 is a new suction robot from China with high suction power and precise space recognition thanks to Laser Distance Sensor (LDS). All information about the vacuum robot and where you can buy the 360 S6, you will find out in the following post!

Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd.


360 S6


Rated power: 30 watts
Suction power: 800 - 1800 Pa
Volume: ~ 65 dB
Height of rise: 2 cm
Dust container: 0.40 liter

Wet: Yes, tank
Wipe: microfiber

* 360 ° Laser Distance Sensor
* Anti-drop sensors
* Infrared main sensor
* Infrared sensor control

Capacity: 3200 mAh (14.8V - 44.4Wh)
Runtime: 90 - 120 minutes
Loading time: 120 - 150 minutes

App: Yes
Size: 35.00 x 35.00 x 10.00 cm
Weight: 3500g

360 S6 suction robot

If you are dealing with smartphones and gagdets from China, the Manufacturer "360" may be a term. The 2005 based company "Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd." was originally specialized in security software. The 360 product range now includes mobile phones, surveillance cameras and household items. Of the "360 S6" is the first robotic vacuum cleaner in this country barely known manufacturer.

Update 01. July 2019

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LDS lidar room recognition

On the data sheet, the 360 S6 presents itself as a direct competitor to the well-known Roborock S50, Technically, both models are similar. The top of the vacuum robot adorns Laser Distance Sensor (LDS Lidar), With 6 revolutions per second and 2160 scans per second, the LDS is capable of one 360 ° environment scan perform. From the obtained data creates the SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) a precise room map with the best possible cleaning route.

LDS laser distance sensor

Several sensors ensure that the 360 S6 moves safely through the room. The LDS is equipped with an infrared sensor that prevents collisions with raised furniture. Three "Anti-drop sensors" are located on the bottom of the vacuum robot. These recognize landings and prevent unwanted crashes. One side (Infrared) sensor main helps the robotic vacuum cleaner find its way back to the charging station. To the left of the main sensor is another infrared sensor that controls the distance between the wall and the vacuum robot. This allows the side brush to clean any small gap.

360 S6 test

Power and brushes

Depending on the suction mode, the 360 S6 reaches one suction by 800 Pa up to a maximum of 1800 Pa. power saving mode the vacuum robot works very quietly. The suction power is included in this mode 800 Pa. standard mode the S6 achieves a suction power of 1300 to 1500 Pa, Once a carpet is detected and run over, the robotic vacuum boosts its performance to 1500 Pa. The rising height is according to the manufacturer at maximum 2 cm. power mode will 1800 Pa reached. Despite high suction power holds the Noise with less than 65 dB quite limited.

Suction power of the 360 vacuum robot

The cleaning is done by two side brushes and main brush, Due to the extra long bristles, the side brushes are able to capture dust and dirt over a wide area. The central round brush is designed so that hair does not get caught in it so easily. Should something get caught in the brush, it can be removed and cleaned in a few simple steps. The dustbox is accessible via the top of the vacuum robot. The maximum capacity is 0.4 liter, A removable one HEPA-Filter captures the finest particles and suspended solids. Protecting the HEPA filter, there is an additional one in front of it foam filter. Both filters can be cleaned with water.

Brushes and filters of the 360 robotic vacuum cleaner

The needed cleaning time is about one minute per square meter Area. When the cleaning process is completed, the vacuum robot automatically finds its way back to the charging station. By the way: The 360 S6 is also able to wipe wet. A clip-on water tank with microfiber cleaning cloth is included.

App and battery

The 360 S6 is on App-controlled vacuum robot, The app provides information about the room map, the remaining battery level and the already cleaned area. Settings for the individual cleaning modes can also be made via the app. Furthermore, the app allows a control of the vacuum robot and the Division of cleaning areas.

360 App

The Capacity of the battery the manufacturer states 3200 mAh (14.8V - 44.4Wh) at. In standard mode, power consumption is 20 watts. One battery charge is enough for one Cleaning time of 90 - 120 minutes. charging time is again 120 - 150 minutes.

First impression

The 360 S6 robotic vacuum cleaner is both priced and functional between the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum und dem (Xiaomi) Roborock S50). Test reports already published in China are quite positive. Also, we have already ordered a test copy, which should arrive in the coming weeks. To what extent the robotic vacuum cleaner is also suitable for local use (language barriers, spare parts and accessories?) Will have to show!

Price Comparison

You want to know where to buy the 360 S6? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

GearBest Flash Sale - 360 S6 vacuum robot

With this Gearbest deal, you can buy the product 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner for only 266 €.
266€ 365€
Valid until 31.07

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