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Geekbuying 11th Anniversary Header

11 years of Geekbuying - Huge sale with great offers

Geekbuying, the cool online shop from China, will be 2023 years old in 11 and will be knocking out really fat deals throughout June. Whether power stations, e-bikes, mini PCs, 3D printers or whatever - everything is included with heavy discounts. We've grabbed the hottest deals for you. Look at her!

Big Sale (June 12 – June 19)

Check out the Big Sale from June 12th to 19th! Awesome offers are waiting for you, from various brands and in all categories.

The more you shop, the more you save: there's a $50 discount on top of that for goods worth $5. If you really step on the gas and get a goods value of $550, it's even a whopping $50 discount.

Geekbuying Anniversary Sale 2023 Coupons

You can save even more with these coupons!

For our readers, Geekbuying has provided us with additional discount codes that we don't want to withhold from you.

  •  $60 OFF from $999 Code: NNNNAff11th999 
  •  $55 OFF from $699 Code: NNNNAff11th699 
  •  $25 OFF from $399 Code: NNNNAff11th399 
  •  $15 OFF from $199 Code: NNNNAff11th199 
  •  6% OFF ($20 max) Code: NNNNAff11th 

In addition: The first 5000 who pay with PayPal can really skim off. With a value of $500 there is a $15 discount and with a value of $200 it is still $10.

Paying with PayPal gives additional discount.

Extra discount when paying with PayPal

And because Geekbuying is in a giving mood, there are also cool prizes to be won in their lucky draw, such as a FLSUN V400 3D printer, a JIMMY H9 Pro battery vacuum cleaner and a Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker.

72h Shopping Spree (June 19th – June 22nd)

From June 19th to 22nd, Geekbuying will be doing it again: In the 72-hour shopping orgy, you can pick up the hottest products of 2023, and they're really cheap.

You can even save up to 80 percent on some parts. And because it was so nice, Geekbuying knocked out the PayPal discount again.

The top brands in sales

The top brands in sales.

Last Chance (June 22 – June 26)

And if you still haven't had enough by June 22, the Last Chance phase is here: this is where you can redeem your remaining coupons. After that, they're gone, so don't hesitate too long!

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